The Impact of Managed IT on Your Business

Building an in-house team of IT experts can be expensive and time-consuming. It can also divert valuable resources from core business activities.

Using a managed IT services provider gives you access to cost-effective technology. You can also rest assured that the costs of hardware upgrades are rolled into your monthly fee.

Increased Productivity

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need help with productivity when their IT infrastructure, software, and hardware fail. While they could hire full-time staff to handle these issues, that requires a significant investment of money and time that may be limited to them.

With managed IT services, they receive dependable and skilled assistance with these problems so they can focus on accelerating business goals. They also can save money by combining monitoring, management, data storage, security, and support under one roof. That holistic approach streamlines operations and allows them to invest more in other business areas. It also helps them reduce downtime and improve performance. These efficiencies boost overall productivity. Having reliable IT systems means employees can work at their best. Moreover, they can avoid the frustration that results from tech issues that disrupt their workflows and prevent them from accomplishing their tasks.

Less Downtime

Every minute your systems are down, you risk losing productivity and revenue. And downtime costs can be very expensive, especially for small businesses.

An MSP can provide future-proof technology services to ensure your systems are up-to-date and industry-leading. You can expect constant upgrades as a part of your monthly service fee.

Managed IT lets your team focus on strategic projects that contribute directly to business growth. When not dealing with IT issues like password recovery or day-to-day help desk tasks, they can devote more time to projects that boost productivity.

Increased Security

With the reliance on technology tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software and social media schedulers, having rock-solid IT systems is critical for any business to thrive. When IT support is handled by professionals, your internal team can focus on more strategic growth initiatives.

IT service providers have the resources to monitor your system 24/7 and can respond more quickly to issues than an in-house team with limited bandwidth. They also have the advantage of working outside the normal workday, allowing them to perform upgrades and maintenance during off hours without disrupting your workflow.

A good managed services provider can also help you save money by providing a scalable solution that is more cost-efficient than hiring IT firms on a break-fix basis. They can also provide you with the flexibility of adding staff and expertise as needed on a project-by-project basis.

Reduced Costs

A business can only afford to spend so much on monthly salaries, vacation time, insurance, office space and computer equipment for in-house IT teams. Managed services allow businesses to avoid these costs by paying only for the services they need on a contract basis.

New IT employees require training, and that costs money. A managed service provider has often worked with your specific IT environment. This means that they can complete tasks more quickly and save your company money in labor costs.

Additionally, an MSP can update the software as soon as they are available. This can also reduce labor costs and free up your internal IT team’s time to work on other important projects. This allows your organization to achieve better bottom-line results by focusing on the core competencies that drive your success.

Increased Flexibility

Managed IT providers provide a wide range of services. This allows companies access to a talent pool with specialized expertise in various technology fields. It’s nearly impossible for a company to maintain such a wide range of skill sets in an in-house IT department, not to mention the cost of training those employees.

When an internal IT team is busy handling basic issues and equipment malfunctions, they cannot focus on projects that push the business forward. Managed IT services allow your internal team to save time by outsourcing these critical tasks.

Additionally, when it comes to IT needs, you pay for what you need with managed services rather than hiring IT firms on a break-fix basis. This saves your company money on salaries, benefits, office space and other employee expenses.

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